Stereotactic Breast Biopsy

A breast biopsy is the removal of a sample of breast tissue to test for cancer. When a mammogram detects an abnormality that cannot be felt during a breast exam, a physician may want to perform a stereotactic breast biopsy, also known as an X-ray guided biopsy. The Breast Center of Greensboro Imaging provides biopsy results within 24 hours of the procedure.

There are a variety of methods used to sample breast tissue. Stereotactic biopsy uses X-Ray technology to provide a minimally invasive option. During a stereotactic biopsy, the physician uses X-ray images to precisely locate a lesion, and then inserts a hollow needle into the abnormal area to remove cells for analysis.

Stereotactic Breast Biopsy Resources

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The Breast Center of Greensboro Imaging: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

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They performed a biopsy. I always requested the same physician at the center; you just have a sort of loyalty and affiliation to one person. She made me feel like I was her only patient.
~Ilene Kondrad

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During a stereotactic biopsy procedure, the patient remains seated in a chair facing the machine. A local anesthetic is used to numb the area where the needle will make a small knick in the skin. No stitches are needed for this procedure, which typically takes about an hour. Most patients report little to no pain during the procedure.

To prepare for a stereotactic biopsy, the physician may ask patients taking aspirin or another form of blood thinner to stop taking it three days in advance of the biopsy. Though it is not necessary, a patient may want to bring a friend or family member to lend support and provide a ride home following the procedure.